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  Mad Dogs • The Joe Cocker Experience

The ten world class musicians in Mad Dogs recreate the music and the magic of the one and only legendary Joe Cocker in concert. It's all there... The soulful and blues inspired vocals of Joe Cocker, two backup singers, saxophone, two keyboardists, percussionist, bass, drums and guitar.

Mad Dogs is keeping the amazing music of Joe Cocker alive. We'll take you on a musical journey from 1969 in Woodstock to 2014, covering nearly 2 dozen of his greatest songs.

The Joe Cocker Experience is not just a band that plays Joe Cocker songs, we recreate them authentically in exquisite detail and play them with the passion and soul that only Joe Cocker had. It's absolutely a labor of our love of the man and his music. If you only see one tribute band this year, this is the one to see.



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